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Leather products from across the world are a big hit amongst visitors to the Surajkund Mela

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Visitors are thronging the mela to buy exquisite handmade artefacts and crafts. One of the immensely popular items is leather products which are being offered by many craftspersons both from India as well as abroad.
International artists from Sudan and Zimbabwe have brought exclusive handmade leather products which speak volumes of their quality and craftsmanship. Discover beautiful handbags, chic laptop bags, shoes, wall hangings with traditional scriptures at these international stalls. Each product is claimed to last for years to come. With patterns and stitching style native to these countries these products are unique in every way and a definite collector’s item.
Bangladesh apart from the fabrics to have come with a plethora of leather products. Speaking eloquently, Rezbin hafiz from Bangladesh says that each of their products are traditionally crafted by hand but meet the most modern requirements and lifestyle.  From wallets, belts, bags to shoes, there is an amazing collection of high quality products to choose from.
Craftsmen from Uttar Pradesh are also making headlines with their leather products. Sonu from Agra is displaying a wide range of such products and claims that his products are not only durable but are modestly priced so as to keep his products pocket friendly. From wallets to bags there is a stylish range to add to your lifestyle. Many other artists from Uttar Pradesh have also brought leather footwear especially jutties which are being lapped up by buyers in numbers.
Jewellery with a natural difference.
If you are looking to make a style statement, there is an unique artist with a special kind of jewellery and is garnering a lot of attention.  Putul Das Mitra from Kolkata has special jewellery which is made from ‘Dhan’ or ‘Paddy’. These natural and eco friendly jewellery is chic and durable. Modestly priced, the ladies at the mela are loving this special product. From necklaces to earrings starting at only  Rs. 50/-, these beautiful designer natural jewellery is nothing less in style than the conventional jewellery.


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